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Artie Shaw Night (Friday Evening)

“Artie Shaw inspired” tunes by the Moonshine Rhythm Club

Local Blues Dive (Friday Late Night)

Late Night blues by John Henry and the Rainmakers

Board Games & Brunch (Saturday Afternoon)

Live swing music by 9th Street Stompers

Count Basie Night (Saturday Evening)

Count Basie charts performed by John Vermeulen’s Swing Orchestra

Vintage Blues Late Night (Saturday Late Night)

An entire late night of slower vintage-y blues selections by the Moonshine Rhythm Club feat. Lon Eldridge

Dance In The Park (Sunday Afternoon)

Live swing and blues music by the Moonshine Rhythm Club

Your DJs

James Benze started DJing in Dayton, Ohio in 2011. After having danced for a few years, he found inspiration at a talk at All Balboa Weekend to start playing the music he liked, and an addiction was born. Since then, he has DJ’ed at various local and regional events, including KissME, CBUS, CincyHop, and Rocktober. James plays a mix of small- and big-band swing…why choose? He is overjoyed with the chance to DJ for everyone at CBUS!
Andi Hansen has been DJing almost as long as she’s been dancing- from her home and adopted scenes in Grand Rapids/Chicago, to all over the Midwest and Eastern US. She loves sharing new and old favorites with the dance floor, and the joy of seeing other people experience and interpret music in different ways. She’s always excited to share her music; and you can usually catch her happily bobbing around behind the DJ booth, nerding out over a new find, or yelling compliments at friends as they dance nearby.
Caitlyn Deeter found her passion for Blues Dancing not long after she found the Swing world. It didn’t take long for her to realize she enjoyed Late Nights and Blues workshops for their music and energy. Not long after finding herself as a Blues Dancer, she wanted to give her community the same energy, and passion she found when she started on the dance floor, and huzzah(!) a Blues DJ was born! Caitlyn primarily DJs for her local Columbus Blues scene – Sacre Blues – but has also DJ’d at events like Scramble Light Blues, Flex and workshops in Indianapolis. Her self-taught thirst for new knowledge and music will be sure to keep you inspired all night long!
Mindy Bayko started dancing in January of 2014, and stumbled into DJing about a year later. Since then she’s DJd for dancers at weekly dances, workshops, and weekend events in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. She enjoys finding music that inspires dancers to swing out, toss out, and create together, and her playlists tend to be loaded up with the classics – Basie, Ella, Ellington, Henderson, Hampton, and the like. Mindy has big ol’ soft spots for balboa and slow lindy, and is happiest when surrounded by friends, full of tacos, and covered in cats.
Sarah McLellan found the Lindy Hop world in May of 2015. After two months of taking classes at her local Lindy scene in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she traveled to her first event and never stopped. Sarah frequents the Midwest and beyond, and can generally be found in a different city for dance at least once a month.
Though she is new to the deejay scene, swing music has been a love for Sarah since her sophomore year in high school. At that time she discovered the likes of Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, and Ella Fitzgerald. To this day she gravitates towards the original artists of the swing era or artists that mimic the sounds and feels of that period.
Sarah teaches, deejays, and helps organize at her local scene, the Underground Dance Community..
Despite sporting a Swing Columbus T-Shirt at Dayton Swing Smackdown 2017, Ike Swets actually resides in the city of Grand Rapids over in West Michigan. He is both a regular instructor and DJ at his local swing scene there, the Underground Dance Community, and also often teaches or DJs at other nearby scenes as well. Ike enjoys a wide smattering of swing music; some particular favorites of his include Catherine Russell, Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart, and Mora’s Modern Rhythmists.
When she isn’t repairing accordions and helping homeless ferrets, Celia “Feisty” Mooradian can be found spinning sweet jazz tunes in the DJ booth in Chicago and across the Midwest. Not only is she compassionate towards furry land otters and a master of jazz puns, she has immaculate taste in music that will keep you swinging out all night long.
  Chris Cogell (he/him/his) is a chemist turned dancer, a change precipitated by partnered social dance. After dancing around the Pacific Northwest, he has moved to Ohio, where he dj’s and teaches for the local Blues scene in Columbus and helps organize the local Fusion dance. When dj-ing, Chris looks for the ideal balance between ballroom and juke-joint blues, uptempo and low-down blues, and classic songs and contemporary bands. Watch out, when his set ends, you just might get the blues.